Scoop 77 - April 2021

Monthly newsletter for April 2021

Presidents Message

Happy 58th Anniversary ladies! April marks the month that the Eugene-Springfield chapter became the 77th chapter to charter in the National Association of Women in Construction!

A bit more of our NAWIC history, by Ellie Cooper:

The Portland Chapter #54 recruited the business sponsors, members and the women of Eugene, Oregon to help get us chartered on April 17, 1963. The chartering was held in the historic Eugene Hotel located on East Broadway.

The Eugene Hotel in the 1960s
The Eugene Hotel in the 1960s

The National NAWIC President from St Louis, Florence Creighton, presented the charter to “Cascade” chapter's first President, Helen Sill, with 28 members! The chapter name was changed to Eugene, Oregon and was part of Region #9, the Pacific NW chapters and Canada, with the National Office in Fort Worth, Texas. Since then Canada has created their own Women in Construction, CAWIC, and many other countries have also! NAWIC's Non-profit status was filed by the state of Texas in 1959-60. The national magazine, NAWIC IMAGE, was published in 1969-70 for all members to enjoy. Nowadays our Chapter is still going strong, with 28 total members (just in time for our anniversary!), and tons of NAWIC pride.

Thanks everyone for an awesome 58 years! Let's keep it going for another 58 years and beyond!

Next month we will present and vote on the 2021-2022 officers, announce the Chapter Awards, and lots of other goodies, so make sure to attend the Zoom meeting on May 12th for these updates and more! -Myranda Kelly

McKenzie River Fire Restoration Shed Build Project

The Shed Build Project had students from McKenzie School District working with the Blue River Community to build replacement sheds for those who lost a structure in the devastating Summer 2020 McKenzie River Area fire. A few of our NAWIC gals: Cassandra Dare, Karen Jones, Kim McBride, Ellie Cooper, and Wendy Hughes came out to Vida, Oregon to volunteer on Saturday the 24th and help build some of these sheds!

Ellie gave us an update of the day: "We had a really good time building the side walls for the sheds....and we completed 3! Kim was our instructor as Karen was sent out to help roof one of the completed and delivered shed. We were given basic instructions, then Kim demonstrated the use of impacts to screw the studs and headers. We placed 9 studs and the header and bottom beams onto the jig that was preset to make the basic frame. After that was screwed down, we put on the outside board and screwed that into place. Then Kim sawed the excess pieces off the outside board to complete the side wall. There was lots of measuring, as well as clamping and chalk lines used! We finalized the day by assisting Karen as she did the doorway for one of the gable sides." All in all, sounds like a great day! Thanks ladies for helping out such an awesome cause! Read more about this effort in a article just posted on The Register-Guard.

Cassandra Dare, Karen Jones, Kim McBride, Ellie Cooper, and Wendy Hughes helping with the shed build in Vida, Oregon

Habitat for Humanity - Women Build 2021

Join us this May for the annual Women Build event in Harrisburg, Oregon! We're building on the success of our 2019 Women Build and we want to make this year’s gathering even better.

To comply with state guidelines and to make the event as safe as possible for everyone, participation is limited. Sign up for the May 22nd Industry Day and we’ll make sure you come away from the event energized and with a sense of accomplishment.